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Volkswagen Commercial: The Force Felt By YouTube Viral Video

February 3, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Here at OSM we have been reporting on some of the best YouTube viral videos that we have seen, some of them are The Lonely Island’s new song ‘The Creep’, The Brazilian Taxi driver who does an ace impression of Michael Jackson and we also did a round-up of our favorite videos.

Now we are hearing reports of yet another video that has gone viral, this time it’s a ‘Volkswagen Passat 2012’. The title of the video is ‘Volkswagen Commercial: The Force’, it’s just over a minute long and has attracted almost 1.5 million views since it made its way onto YouTube yesterday.

The video features a mini-me sized Darth Vader going around the house exerting his presence on various objects and even a family pet only to spot the Passat of who is presumably ‘His Father’ pulling into the drive. Mini Darth Vader goes running out and again starts to work his magic trying to make the new Passat feel the force.

The father picks up on what he is doing and hits the lock button sparking all of the indicators to flash and mini Darth Vader thinking he has used the force! This is a great video, it’s an extremely innovative and creative way of advertising a car don’t you think?

What are your thoughts on the YouTube Viral videos? Did you laugh out loud at mini Darth Vader? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Madeline

    This commercial is so awesome!!!! He's so talented and a natural…. I"m so proud to say this is my little nephew and believe he will be on the silver screen in the near future and be a big star *

  • Mike Skaggs

    Best Commercial EVER! I have laughed the last 15 times I have watched it …….GENIUS!

  • laughed

    Love this commercial!!! I think the dad was a bartender in weho??

  • Laura

    I love this commercial.
    I do not get tired of watching.