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Verizon iPhone Pre-Ordering: Will Stocks Last?

February 3, 2022 | Tim Ollason

As we are all fully aware, the Verizon iPhone pre-ordering has been live for a little while now. We have already reported that you that the pre-orders were available when it was launched and compared the price plans between Verizon and AT&T.

Now we would like to bring something to your attention and gather your thoughts and opinions on it. From the Verizon pre-ordering page you can see a nice picture of your shiny new iPhone 4 with a CDMA chip inside, however the text beside it makes us a little un-easy.

Whilst we are aware that Apple and Verizon will have done calculations and all sorts to ensure they have enough stock of the device, when they say they have a reserved stock and that ‘You can be among the first to order your iPhone 4 from our reserved quantity. While supplies last’ and they aren’t allowing staff to get them yet as reported over at PRNews by Gary Johnson, it leaves a slight doubt in the back of your mind.

We are also wondering just how popular the device will be especially with the summer coming up. We all know what happens in the summer, Apple normally release a new model of iPhone, that is if they stick to tradition.

Another thing we are thinking about, do you remember what happened after the Verizon event in January? There was a white iPhone 4 advertised on the Verizon website and there are reports all over the place about different dates that it will be released. How frustrated would you be if you have just ordered a new iPhone 4 in black and then in a few weeks time they release it in white? If you aren’t worried then head over to Verizon and pre-order yours now by clicking here.

Have you already pre-ordered your Verizon CDMA iPhone? Are you worried about how much stock they have of it? Let us know if we are worrying about nothing in the comments section below.

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