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iPad 2 Rumors: Working model seen before release

February 3, 2022 | Debbie Turner
iPad 2 Rumors: Working model seen before release

The next-generation iPad, or iPad 2, is greatly anticipated and we’ve been bringing you news and speculation about this upcoming tablet as we hear it. Among our most recent posts were a spot of the supposed new lighter screen, and the fact that Apple is advertising for a digital photography expert to work on the iPad platform.

While CES 2011 was in progress there were a couple of spots of what was said to be an iPad 2 prototype and now a report by Jennifer Saba and Gabriel Madway on Reuters tells of another spot of what is claimed to be a working model of the next iPad. It was spotted at a News Corp event to launch the Daily online newpaper yesterday by a Reuters employee and we certainly wish we could have laid our eyes on it.

The model spotted did have a front-facing camera, which seems to confirm all those rumors that the iPad 2 willl have both front-facing and rear cameras as we expected. As you might expect, both Apple and News Corp would not comment on the spot, but a ‘source’ confirmed that the device did in fact exist, although inferred the final version could still have further features.

Here at OSM we’ve previously reported on an estimated release date and also an announcement to be made on February 9 about the iPad 2 release but you might also be interested in an article over on SFGate by Dan Frommer of Business Insider, in which he makes some deductions and comes up with a speculative release date of February 14 or 15. As he says himself this is purely speculation but it certainly makes interesting reading and you never know…

What do you think of this spot of a supposed iPad 2? If it’s the real deal and the next iPad will in fact have dual cameras that will certainly please a lot of people. Why not send us your comments and give your opinions on this.

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