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Google’s Event For Honeycomb 3.0: Full Video On YouTube

February 3, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Google’s Event For Honeycomb 3.0: Full Video On YouTube

Yesterday saw Google’s live event and for many of you it may not have been possible to watch, if you are still wanting to then you can. Google has been kind enough to add the entire (almost 1 hour long) presentation onto YouTube.

Honeycomb 3.0 has been expected to be a revolution in firmware for the Android systems but has it met your expectations? When you start watching the event (at the bottom of the article) you might notice the device that Honeycomb is running from, that’s right the Motorola XOOM.

The new tablet PC has had plenty of Internet time already, we have seen an advert that they launched before CES 2011 where they went through the ages of tablets including the hieroglyphics and then finally ended up with a Motorola logo sitting on a pedestal, the big clue about Honeycomb came soon after with a bumblebee flying towards the screen.

The excitement ahead of CES 2011 then started to build as everyone wanted to feast their eyes on the device and check out the new firmware. We suspect it was an early version of Honeycomb that was on the XOOM but none the less it was certainly impressive.

Going back to the Google event, there were several people that came onto the stage to give different aspects of Honeycomb. A couple of the interesting parts of the event are about the new Android Market Web Store and also the cloud technology. This is a really interesting event that we are sure if you missed it you will enjoy. The features displayed are literally endless, from gaming to image stabilization.

What do you think of Google’s event? Did Honeycomb throw up any surprises for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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