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Android Tablet Data Encryption: Honeycomb 3.0 Brings Protection

February 3, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Android Tablet Data Encryption: Honeycomb 3.0 Brings Protection

As we venture now into the month of February, we can categorically say that the last few weeks has brought us many new and interesting news reports. At the start of 2011, we gave you information on innovations to come out of the CES show, in just over a week’s time we have the MWC in Barcelona to look forward to, and at last, yesterday saw Google announcing what we can expect to see from Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 OS.

Announcements include a new user interface as well as new features benefiting the tablet device. Features will comprise of hardware accelerated rendering and advanced support for multi-core processors. We gave you news of the Motorola Xoom being showcased using the new Honeycomb, Google emphasizing new API’s, Android Marketplace using a new Web Browser, RenderScript technology improving 3D interfaces and so on. But after digesting all the news, is there still anything missing off the list as it were?

Over at Mashable, although the new features particularly on tablet devices will now be a god-send, there’s still one key factor missing, the implementation of data encryption. Customers within the business sector are no doubt keen to have all data protected including passwords.

Interesting news from Engadget states that the Xoom although not released yet, incorporates this very feature, but Google claim that its not a one off, leading us to believe that up and coming Honeycomb tablets will all benefit from encryption. With the inclusion of this, accounts, downloaded apps, media, accounts and so on will all be protected.

To encrypt any data, the process should approximately take just over an hour to complete. Although using this, will of course come with its positives, there may be negativity with its use on the tablet. As Mashable stated, at the present stage we still do not know what crypto standard will be used, as well as the possibility that the new feature could reduce the tablet’s juice life and slow the running of it right down?

Tell us what your thoughts are on this? Is data encrypting an important feature when deciding on a device?

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