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Verizon iPhone 4: Price Plans Compared to AT&T

February 2, 2022 | Mike Smith

Could this be the biggest battle of cellular network providers the US has ever seen? As many of you may be aware from our previous posts the iPhone 4 is due to be released on the carrier Verizon, sparking what could be a price slashing war between both Verizon and AT&T. This should mean that we could get to see some pretty good deals offered up by both networks, each one presented to either make you stay or entice you to leave your current provider.

With the Verizon iPhone 4 pre orders set for February 9th and sales set to follow February 10th at 7am, Verizon have just launched their price plan details for this device. The provider plans to charge $40 a month for a basic voice plan which will give you 450 minutes talk time, those looking for both a voice a text plan can look at paying upwards of $60. Once you got your plan together an extra $30 can add on a data pack, with this data pack you can have the ability to use the iPhone as a mobile WI-FI hotspot (which is a feature AT&T do not offer iPhone users) for an additional $20. Check the full details from AP here.

AT&T customers have had the use of iPhone since 2007, so do they get a very competitive price compared to Verizon iPhone users? AT&T does offer the same $40 voice plan that also includes 450 minutes talk time, but its $60 option does not include unlimited text messages where Verizon’s offer does. With Verizon’s $30 plan you get unlimited data usage compared to AT&T’s $25 data package which allows subscribers only 2 GB a month. If you’re not interested in this package then for $15 you will receive 200MB of usage a month.

Looking at the figures it’s fair to say that maybe Verizon may come out victorious, or is it? As previously posted AT&T are set to release a new HTC handset on February 13th, the new handset is the HTC Inspire 4G, this device hosts an array of very attractive features such as an 8MP camera with HD recording(720p), 4.3 inch WVGA screen and run on Android 2.2 froyo. Full specs can be found here. With many sleek looking features like this the HTC might be the turning point for AT&T, just to sweeten the release up AT&T have reduced the cost of the Handset to just $99.

Although these two providers are two of the biggest in the US there are alternatives such as Sprint or T-mobile. You can check out these offers in this post by Wilson Rothman over at

Will you be heading over to Verizon to grab an iPhone? Share your thoughts with us below

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