New Android Market Web Store: First Look

New Android Market Web Store: First Look

We’ve been following all the news and speculation over the last few weeks about the Android OS update, Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This operating system has been specifically designed with tablet devices in mind and the Motorola Xoom is to be the first tablet released running on Honeycomb, and not long after that we will see the LG G-Slate.

Today Google was holding an invitational event, “ A Taste of What’s New for Android,” and before the event we gave some idea of what we expected to see announced. Just one of those things was an Android Market website for apps and that is indeed one of the things that was announced. The web-based version of the Android Market allows users to select and purchase apps from their PCs and Ryan Paul over on Ars Technica has explained more about it.

At the Google event the new, improved Android Market, which is now up-and-running, was demonstrated and users can browse, select and purchase apps from the web on their PC, then simply click install, whereby it is set up automatically on their mobile phone or tablet.

Meanwhile Joanna Stern over on Engadget, sourced from the Android Market web store, shows us a hands-on look at the new web store and first impressions seem to be very positive with words such as ‘awesome’, ‘simple’, and ‘convenient’, all being used. Stern did note though, that Google certainly has its minds on selling as it was discovered that on default, paid apps appear before free ones.

You may also be interested in other news from the Android Honeycomb event and if so then head to our earlier article which looks at what was revealed. Have you already checked out the Android Market web store? If so how was your experience and did you find it convenient and easy to use? Why not let us know what you thought by sending us your comments.