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HTC Thunderbolt Release Teaser: Sooner than thought

February 2, 2022 | Debbie Turner
HTC Thunderbolt Release Teaser: Sooner than thought

Here at OSM we’ve brought you so many posts about the HTC Thunderbolt lately that our heads are fairly spinning. Among our recent posts was an unboxing, and then 2 rumors about release dates, firstly it looked likely for February 24 and then a leak from Best Buy seemed to suggest February 14.

Now though we’ve heard another snippet of news about the release date for the Thunderbolt on Verizon that may interest you, because the latest news seems to suggest that February 14 is more than likely correct. The news came to us from Kevin Krause over on Phandroid, sourced from Twitter, and believe it or not comes from Verizon Wireless themselves.

Today Verizon issued a tweet which says, “Many have waited for the #Verizon iPhone. Some looking for the #4G #LTE HTC #Thunderbolt. May be sooner than we expected!” Now if that’s not a teaser I don’t know what is! Krause goes on to suggest that a release on February 14 makes sense after the Verizon iPhone 4 fuss will have died down a little but not so long afterwards that customers will forget about the 4G LTE handsets that are coming. Another clever piece of deduction is that mentioning both the Verizon iPhone and Thunderbolt in the same tweet suggests they may not be far apart.

Also although there were previous rumors that in fact the HTC Thunderbolt would not be Mobile Hotspot capable on release (when previously it was speculated it would), an article by Chris Ziegler over on Engadget seems to suggest that now it will have that capability after all, so that’s more good news for eager Thunderbolt customers. Are you waiting for the Thunderbolt and what do you think of Verizon’s tweet teaser? Let us know with your comments please.

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  1. James says:

    I spoke to a Verizon Customer Service agent last week and she said they did not have an initial price, but they had a date listed to be in stores and online on Feb 14.

  2. deeedub84 says:

    I'm dying to get a Thunderbolt!

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