Egypt Protests: Internet partly restored - not Twitter & Facebook

Egypt Protests: Internet partly restored – not Twitter & Facebook

Here at OSM we’ve brought you many articles about the ongoing protests in Egypt and our most recent posts include a story about access to the Internet being bIocked, a request for social media help in reporting the situation and then yesterday a report on how social media companies were finding ways around the Internet ban.

Yesterday we heard that President Mubarak will step down in September and now we hear from Stan Schroeder over on Mashable, sourced from The Wall Street Journal, that Internet access has started to be restored in parts of the country. Although many are reporting about the Internet now being available, others are reporting that some services such as Facebook and Twitter are still not accessible.

Renewing Internet access in Egypt appears to be part of an attempt to restore some kind of order in the country following the widespread demonstrations, and an army spokesman on Egyptian television appealed, “You have the power to bring back stability to the country. We are urging you as respectful citizens to go back home.”

Another article over on Engadget, about Internet connectivity being restored in Egypt, shows a graph, sourced from Renesys, detailing the amount of globally reachable Egyptian networks, which you can see above. What are your thoughts on the Internet being restored in Egypt? If you are in Egypt and now have access to the Internet, let us know how you have been affected. We’d be grateful for your comments.