Dell, Gigabyte and MSI: Sandy Bridge Intel Problem Grows

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Intel and their Sandy Bridge chipset. We first learned of the design flaws in the final day of January and promptly reported on them but now we are hearing that different laptop and motherboard manufacturers are pulling devices because of the problem.

One of the notable blows for Intel is the Alienware M17x R.3; this is a hardcore gamer’s laptop which has features to die for. It’s got 3D capabilities on a 17” 120hz Full HD display, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics card and it did have the 2nd Generation Quad Core Intel Corei7 processor. Engadget shows a picture of the price of the laptop where it says ‘Starting at $1,499’ there is a big red cross over the ‘Build Yours’ button. At this point we would direct you to the Alienware website but when you try to click on the product it tells you that Dell has removed the page.

Over at John Gillooly is informing us that the Dell aren’t the only ones to have pulled the plug on products with the Sandy Bridge processor inside, Gillooly informs us that Gigabyte has asked the distributors of the P67 and the H67 chipset motherboards to stop selling them and any stock is to be returned. Gigabyte is also prepared to replace any motherboards that have already been sold as soon as they receive the new stock from Intel.

Another blow for Intel is MSI has stopped shipping all of its 6 series products, they have asked the resellers to stop the sales until the issue has been resolved. The pairing of Intel and MSI will work together to sort the problem out for all of you who have already purchased machines containing their motherboards.

We are still perplexed that this managed to get out of the factories but I guess the short term testing probably would pick this sort of issue up. What are your thoughts on the issues Intel are facing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    >>> We first learned of the design flaws in the final day of December and promptly reported on them <<<

    I think you meant January