ASUS Lamborghini External Hard Drive: Spec & Price

We have been looking recently at different external hard drives and trying to identify the best one. Of course, it depends on your circumstances, if you are out and about all the time with a need to carry data around then the rugged ioSafe HDD which back at CES withstood shotgun shots and being submerged may be the one for your active lifestyle.

Another we have looked at is Freecom’s thinnest mobile hard drive which is thought to be aimed at Macs; this is more of a tidy little space saver than anything although it does look very nice. Now we are hearing reports of a new external hard drive making its way onto the scene.

The hard drive we are talking about is made by ASUS but it has an amazing look to it. They are using the branding of Lamborghini on their device and have given it a look as sleek as the cars. So it’s definitely got the aesthetics but has it got the specs?

The ASUS Lamborghini comes in a choice of two sizes, 500GB or 750GB, it uses USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 (good move) however it looks like it only works with Windows systems from their specification page on the official website. They do say at the bottom of the page that all specifications are subject to change without any notice so for their own sake, we hope they put this through to Apple systems too.

The pricing of the device as Paul Ridden of says in his article is $118 for the 500GB model and $139 for the 500GB one. Perhaps not quite as inflated as we had envisaged but of course this can still change too.

What do you think of the Lamborghini External Hard Drive? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    ASUS Lamborghini External Hard Drive: Spec & Price