Android Honeycomb 3.0: What Was Revealed

Talk of what we can expect to see from Android’s Honeycomb 3.0 OS and when it will commence, has been greatly anticipated by a huge number of people. As well as the obvious, the customer, retailers have no doubt been itching to hear what Google had to say at their special Android event today.

At the start of this year and subsequent CES show, tablet devices were and are dubbed to be the major player as well as the smartphone. Google’s Honeycomb will ensure a new user interface for these devices as well as exciting new features including hardware accelerated rendering and as reported an advanced support for multi-core processors.

Its no surprise that one big piece of news to come out of today’s event is that of Motorola’s Xoom tablet, which is expected to arrive towards the end of this month. The 9-inch device was showcased in all its glory running on Honeycomb, and Google were keen to make developers aware, that a strong emphasis has been placed on Application Programming Interfaces (API). Along with this, it was made clear that with the new OS onboard now, Google has taken into consideration home screen widgets, along with an overhauled notification system aiding developers in their quest to explore more information and interactive functions.

Other contributions from Google will include a greater improvement in graphics and how they perform, developers will also benefit from simpler animated movement to application user interfaces. RenderScript technology was a much talked about topic of discussion ensuring development as stated, fluid enhanced 3D interfaces, including that of an e-reader, music player with 3D album view, a redesigned digital camera interface. Also a new “fragment system” will now allow video chat using “GTalk.”

The option is now here for users to look through Android’s marketplace through their desktop computer thanks to the new Web-based browser. This will enable apps to transfer straight to one’s phone. The new Android Market website has now been launched. As well as this, phone users in the not so distant future, will now be able to purchase extra content and other features (in-app) through Android programs with direct accessibility. Presently, in-app purchases are being tested by developers including Disney Mobile.

What are your thoughts on just some of the new features?