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White iPhone 4: Why All The Fuss?

February 1, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

As we have just reported, Apple’s White iPhone 4 is pretty much signed sealed and delivered, with various sources claiming a UK release date of the end of March this year. This has obviously got us all excited and ready for the white device to fall into our hands. But take a moment to think about why this pasty handset has got us all in a fluster?

After all white mobile devices are not only limited to the Apple camp, I mean we had the wait for the White iPhone 3GS and no doubt when the 5th generation finally surfaces it is sure to be followed by a pale sibling sometime after. Though like I say its not just an Apple thing, there are plenty of other manufacturers rolling out white devices and perhaps we forget this. Pocket-lint must agree, as they have listed a number of handsets from the likes of BlackBerry, LG, HTC and more. We have selected 3 to give you a reminder of what other options are open to you if black plastic doesn’t float your boat.

First on our hit list is the all conquering White HTC Desire, seen to be one of the best phones of 2010. Sporting an anodised white metal finish the Desire has the looks to match its performance.

Next up is LG’s Optimus 2X, which LG confirm will be fielding a white version very soon. Based on its dual core Android standard coloured brother, the white option is said to be slightly more powerful, although if you were to settle for the black version, you will have the choice of changeable backing plates.

Following up on the pair above, BlackBerry offers a white version of its very business like Torch. Now while BlackBerry is normally seen as the smart-suited device in the pack, with a pale coloured ribbed effect around its rear, BlackBerry reaches out to a younger audience.

Lets not forget that its not just handsets that can get the white treatment, Samsung offer its iPad challenging Galaxy Tab in the brighter shade, and as The Next Web reports Canada is now introducing itself to the tablet.

Obviously these are just a few of the white devices currently in production, or about to hit production. So what is it about the Apple unit? Are we swayed by its mysterious appearances? Or do we just forget that there are other paths for us to take?

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