Social Media Companies Help Users Get Around Egyptian Internet Ban

Social Media Companies Help Users Get Around Egyptian Internet Ban

Internet access has been blocked in Egypt following protests against the government, leaving people unable to access their social networking accounts meaning that they cannot release any information about what is happening in the country. Following the protests and requests from Egyptians for the government to restore their Internet access, Google and Twitter have launched their ‘saynow’ service, which allows people to leave messages on their answering service, which are then posted to the Internet.

The BBC is reporting that citizens of Egypt can call their international number and leave a message, which people can listen to using these numbers (+16504194196 , +390662207294, +97316199855) or by going to this Twitter page.

Meanwhile Jillian York over on is reporting on other Twitter users such as @ramyraoof who are living in Egypt and who are posting images whenever they can get Internet access. They also have a live feed of news on their website which is displaying news and footage of the events which are currently happening in Egypt.

When Internet access is finally restored it will be interesting to see what stories emerge from the protests. Stories like these also highlight the question of whether or not Internet access should be a human right, and whether or not it is considered right or legal to cut off access the web to such a huge number of people.

What do you think? Should Internet access be a human right? What information are we missing out on because people have been denied access to the web? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.