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Silver Satin PS3 Release: Not In U.S. or UK Yet

February 1, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Sony has been extremely busy recently, only a few days ago we saw Sony showcasing their latest device in the handheld gaming market; the PSP2 (NGP). They have also released an update to the PS3 that is thought to be to resolve some security issues and we are expecting some kind of announcement at MWC 2011 regarding the PlayStation phone.

We have caught wind of a new color of PS3, take a look over at where Thomas Ricker has written a report from the source SCEI. In his report, he mentions that the Satin Silver PS3 is heading to Japan for March 10th. He also states that none of the specs have changed so this is purely a different colored chassis. There will be two models with the sleek new casing; they will be the 320GB and the 160GB. The 320GB model will be retailing for a figure nearing the ¥35,000, which is about $425 and the 160GB will come in at just short of ¥30,000 equating to roughly $360 give or take a few.

Sony looks to try and take more of your hard earned cash from you by offering a matching Silver Satin stand. This looks like Sony saying that they know how much customers like to co-ordinate the colors of their consoles don’t you think?

Another site that is reporting the news on the Satin Silver PS3 is; the author has added a note at the bottom of their article saying “No word if this silver surfer will ever migrate overseas” but surely Sony would be crazy not to put the fact that it can be in different colors to use wouldn’t they? We have however found a video of someone in Mexico who has unboxed one.

Take a look at the video and let us know if you think it is authentic. What do you think of the lack in choice of colors from Sony so far? When buying a console, do you take into account the color? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Steven

    Not too jealous about a japanese only silver PS3. If it had been a red Wii that would have been a different matter.