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iPhone 5 News: Visa testing NFC payments

February 1, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Although it’s still a few more months until its release the Apple iPhone 5 is already the subject of much discussion and we’ve published many recent articles with news and speculation about this much-awaited handset. Our most recent articles include a roundup of features we expect on the iPhone 5 and also an article on improvements that should be made to the next-generation Phone.

A few days ago we also reported on the likelihood that the iPhone 5 and also the iPad 2 will have NFC (near-field communication) capability that would enable these devices to be used for mobile payments, in other words, using your phone as a sort of iWallet. Apparently the rumor began from engineers working on the Apple project and we felt it was one of the most probable features that we would indeed see on the iPhone 5. Now we hear some news that seems to make NFC on iOS devices even more likely, this time from Jennifer Allen over on Electric Pig, sourced from Computerworld.

It appears that Visa has already begun testing a system for NFC payments in Europe for the iPhone and as Allen points out, that would not be necessary if in fact NFC was not coming to the iPhone. This speculation is backed up further with news that Apple has advertised a job vacancy involving NFC. Add to that the fact that the Google Nexus S will have NFC capability and the logic that Apple will not want to be left out of the game, then you have a few persuasive factors.

The Visa testing was first tested at the London head office but is now being trialed in Turkey. The testing involves the app software and a plug in piece of hardware at present. Although future iOS devices are believed to be having NFC sensors built-in it’s not yet certain that Apple would allow third-party applications to utilize this.

Meanwhile there’s a little more iPhone 5 news with Jacob Palmer over on Gizmo Crunch, sourced from The Korea Times, informing us that production of Samsung chips for Apple’s iPhone and iPad is to be increased fourfold with some being supplied for the Verizon CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and the current iPad and more being for next-generation devices. You may also be interested in our iPhone 5 rumor roundup. What are your thoughts on NFC for the iPhone 5 and being able to use your mobile as a payment device? Why not let us know by sending us your comments about this.

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