iPhone 5 Features: Roundup of what to expect

We’ve been keeping you up-to-date with all the news and speculation for some time about the Apple iPhone 5, rumored for a release date in June. Among our many articles were a look at improvements that could be made, and questions on whether we will see a White iPhone 5.

Now we’ve spotted a really interesting article over on eWeek by Clint Boulton who tells us about 10 things we might expect from the next-generation iPhone design and is told in the form of a slide show. Some of his suggestions tie-in with previous articles of ours and so you may see links to our posts so you can find out more. First off is NFC (near-field communication), and we feel, like Boulton, that this one is very likely indeed, as it will enable mobile payments.

Another idea is a Qualcomm CDMA/GSM chip and then we go on to the much talked-about A5 processor. We also feel this is a very likely feature for the next iPhone 5 as Apple has to make tracks to keep up with the opposition. We might also expect to see 3G FaceTime to give smoother video transmission and it could also support Media Stream, which offers a photo gallery. We’ve already noted there is likely to be a new hardware design for the iPhone 5 and of course one thing that everybody expects is a different antenna.

Boulton also expects the iPhone 5 to offer more in the way of intelligence for voice commands and finally some sort of competition to Google Goggles in the way of facial-recognition. You may also be interested in an article over on Tech Jackal which also speculates on some new features and comes up with a few different ideas, or you might like to read our rumor roundup. We’d like to know if there are any other features of changes you expect to see on the upcoming Apple iPhone 5? Why not let us know by sending in your comments.