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Sony PS3 Cloud Storage: Coming with 3.60 firmware update

January 31, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Sony PS3 Cloud Storage: Coming with 3.60 firmware update

Only yesterday we brought PS3 owners news of a PSN Facebook app, and the PS3 is in the news again today. Many PS3 enthusiasts may be very pleased as it seems that ‘cloud’ storage is coming with the 3.60 firmware update. A ‘cloud’ service has long been speculated for the Sony PlayStation 3 and could be a real boon to regular gamers.

The ‘cloud’ in basic terms means that if you are a PS3 console owner you will be able to save your games to a server instead of on your hard drive, according to Luke Plunkett over on Kotaku. The news comes from Sony speaking today with developers to tell them that the cloud feature was coming. Saving your games to the Sony server frees up room on your hard drive and not only that but it means you can access your gaming data for any game from wherever you happen to be as the cloud facility is linked to your PlayStation Network account.

Of course if your PS3 dies on you it also means that your data is still safe. So what’s the snag? Well, you have to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to use this extra service, which has been dubbed “Online Saving,” and also developers can opt out for certain games so it’s not exactly a ‘cover all’ situation. The forthcoming date for the 3.60 firmware update is not yet known.

If you want to read more about this then David Murphy over on PC Mag gives some extra information such as the pricing for the PlayStation Plus membership and also a mention of the original Sony patent for “PS Cloud.” Are you a PS3 user and is this cloud storage facility something you would be interested in? Why not let us know with your comments.

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  • cody

    think this is going to be great! less of a workout for the ps3….and seeing how i still have the fat….i dont have to worry about it dieing!