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LoveFilm Streaming Now On Samsung Blu-ray Players

January 31, 2022 | Matt Tran

As of today, owners of Samsung Blu-ray players can now stream movies from online rental service LoveFilm.

With the app you can directly stream the latest releases without any kind of postage involved, and you are also allowed to browse LoveFilm’s huge movie catalogue according to Rich Trenholm over at Cnet. We expect to see plenty of positive changes to the rental service as we recently brought you the news that Amazon bought out the final shares for full ownership of the company.

The move is also good for Samsung as it adds an extra appeal to their line of prodcucts; there was news floating around that video streaming would be the death of Blu-ray and the integration looks like a better idea. Pocket-Lint has reported Andy Griffiths, a Samsung reprensetitive as saying “customers will get more variety, choice and entertainment from our innovative products”.

It has yet to be established whether this change will affect the sales of Blu-ray films, but with the two film watching options put together it does not look too bad. Do you think digital data is the only way forward, or is a nice collection of hardware and discs a good thing to? Let us know your thoughts and if you are pleased as a Samsung owner.

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