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YouTube video from 8-year-old spells it out to Egypt’s President Mubarek

January 30, 2022 | Debbie Turner
YouTube video from 8-year-old spells it out to Egypt’s President Mubarek

We’ve been following the news about the protests in Egypt and recently reported how Twitter had been blocked in Egypt. Then just yesterday we told how the Internet had now also been blocked in the country and how President Mubarek was being urged to restore access to it for the people.

The conflict has shown no signs of getting better today with widespread demonstrations still going on and this next story is one of those rare cases where a child has managed to sum up very simply and succinctly, what many politicians would battle to come up with in months of talking. Charlie White over on Mashable, sourced from Ahmed Al Omran, has brought a video to our attention that has been put on YouTube featuring an 8-year-old Saudi girl, called JuJu. She tells President Mubarek exactly what she thinks should be done, in no uncertain terms. You can see Juju’s video below this story.

For more on what’s happening with the Internet situation in Egypt then check out another article by Charlie White over on Mashable here, which reports that although the Internet is still effectively shut down in Egypt many people are finding ways around the blocked access. Also a statement on the Twitter blog from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and General Counsel Alexander Macgillivray, has made a call for free expression. The manifesto is called ‘The Tweets Must Flow’ and you can read it in full here.

What are your thoughts on the YouTube video from 8-year-old Juju? It looks to us as though she has a bright future ahead of her. We’d appreciate you letting us know what you think of the situation in Egypt so please do send in your comments.

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