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COD: Black Ops - Treyarch Facebook thanks blasted by fans

January 30, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We know how many fans were avidly awaiting Call of Duty: Black Ops when it was released in November and have posted many articles on the game, but sadly not all of them could be positive. In fact one of our most-commented on stories ever was Call of Duty Black Ops Problems Discussed on Twitter where many of you vented your frustration when the game was released with flaws.

We later gave details of a patch for the game and most recently told how Treyarch, the game’s developers had used Twitter to say that a movement speed issue had been fixed. Now we hear from Tina Chubb over on Product-Reviews, sourced from, that Treyarch has issued thanks on its Facebook page to Call of Duty: Black Ops fans for going past the 5 million fans milestone on the website. However this may not have been such a good move and has backfired somewhat with many fans using the platform to voice their criticisms of the game.

Although there is also positive response from some fans there have been many complaints added to the page, about such issues as the price of the DLC and flaws, and you can see that Facebook page with added comments here. For example one of the latest posts reads, “you even dont fix connection issues then give your regards in here. no, i dont need your “thank you”. i m sick of connection issues with ps3. no more cod games for me.” Another comment simply reads “You Suck” while others are much more disparaging.

You may also be interested in an article by Bill Hess over on Attack of the Fanboy which talks about the PS3 Black Ops First Strike DLC and asks whether Treyarch should give this DLC free to PS3 users? Check out the full story on the above link to find our more on that.

We’d like to hear from you if you are disillusioned Black Ops fans and welcome your comments about this thanks on Facebook from Treyarch. Of course you may only have positive things to say about the game and you are also welcome to comment.

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  1. cornelius says:

    I just hope MW3 is not rushed like Call of Duty Black Ops was. Has anyone heard anything new, the only information I could find on Modern Warfare 3 Anyone know of any other places?

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