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Twitter Trouble: Rihanna Put To Shame For C Word Rant

January 29, 2022 | Matt Tran

Pop Queen Rihanna has made the headlines again but this time for the wrong reason. The chart topping singer has done her daily Tweeting and got a little too colourful with the language when responding to a joke from another celebrity friend.

The microblogging service is used by millions and is a very good way of getting close to your idols by following them and looking at the messages they personally post themselves. Over the past few weeks we have seen an absolute torrent of rants and arguments and it makes you wonder whether some of these celebs are mature enough to use the site without upsetting the apple cart.

The Barbadian beauty called US rapper KATT a C**t, after she was likened to Clifford the big red dog, according to reports from MTV. The tweet was public and so all of Rihanna’s 3 million followers would have been exposed to the strong words. For most it is not an issue but for the younger fans it will cause offense, especially coming from a role model. The Sun has stated that the bad behaviour will affect alot of impressionable kids.

Twitter was designed for keeping in touch with the people around you and unfortunately it is becoming used more and more as a tool for insult. Not just for celebrities but in general, as we only hear about the rich and famous having a good old rant over the microblogging site. What is your take on Rihanna’s behaviour on Twitter? Should she be more respectful to her fans and keep comments like the ones we have seen private? Rihanna fans leave us your thoughts on how you think she should be using her Twitter account.

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