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iPad 2 Rumor: Not likely to have SD card slot after all

January 29, 2022 | Debbie Turner

Much of the talk in the tech world at the moment is about the next-generation iPad, the Apple iPad 2. We’ve been posting news and speculation about the device to keep our readers informed and among our recent posts was a look at the iPad 2 vs. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and a report that NFC (near-field communication) would be coming to the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 which would allow mobile payments. We also brought you rumors about the release date.

In a prior article we also looked at new cases which had surfaced on Apple Insider for the iPad 2 and there was speculation about what the various cut-outs were for, with one pointer being a gap for an SD card slot. There were many reports following this, on an SD card slot becoming available on the next-generation iPad, but it seems as though it may not be coming after all. An article on Electronista, sourced from Apple Insider, says the speculation about the SD card slot has been contradicted now by claims that the cut-out is a SIM card slot for GSM versions and that it has merely been moved from it’s previous position.

Others suggest that another gap, positioned at the bottom of the case, which had been speculated as being for a bigger speaker could possibly have an SD slot within so we’re really still not sure whether there will be an SD card slot on the iPad 2. Apple Insider appears to doubt it thought but doesn’t rule it out for future iPads. Chris Smith over on TFTS also seems sceptical about an SD card slot on the iPad 2. You can read more about his thoughts on the TFTS link above.

Would you have liked an SD card slot on the iPad 2? What are your thoughts that it’s not likely to be coming after all? Let us know by sending us your comments

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  1. George says:

    I've waited to buy lots of Apple stuff until they had what I wanted on them. I'll do the same with the ipad. I need some mechanism to get stuff off my macbook pro onto the ipad. SD is a no brainer. It it doesn't have it I'll wait. I'm a mac fanboy and have invested heavily in the stock and profited well on it. But when it comes to buying the product they like all manufacturers must put something out that meets MY needs not theirs. I have no doubt that it will be there on some iteration so I'll wait until its there or something even better to transfer stuff. Love most of Apple stuff, but I gotta haves what I gotta have's. :)

  2. James says:

    Yes I would have liked it. All the competition have SD Card slots, so why don't Apple. Oh, that's right-it's because they are greedy assholes that are always behind the curve :)

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