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HTC Thunderbolt Release Date: Feb 24 promising

January 29, 2022 | Debbie Turner
HTC Thunderbolt Release Date: Feb 24 promising

We know from our previous posts on the HTC Thunderbolt that there’s an awful lot of interest in this upcoming Android phone, which will be carried by Verizon. Some of our previous reports on the Thunderbolt included a hands-on look, it’s inclusion as one of our ‘5 of the best’ Android phones at CES 2011, and the story that the Thunderbolt will be available from Best Buy which has chosen not to stock the Verizon iPhone 4.

A few days ago we also gave you release date rumors for the HTC Thunderbolt and reported that Best Buy is expecting an accessory for it on February 19 and that the handset was then likely to go on sale, we suspected by the end of the month. Now we’ve noted an article by Scott Webster over on Android Guys, which gives a release date as February 24. The same source also gave them pricing of $249 on a two-year contract.

This price is roughly what we expected when we previously looked at rumored release dates and prices for Verizon 4G LTE handsets due to be released. Of course, as yet this is unconfirmed though Android Guys sound pretty convinced that its source is reliable.

Meanwhile Blake over on IntoMobile also reports on the HTC Thunderbolt and describes it as a “beast of a device.” The article also notes rumors of another HTC device coming to Verizon soon, which could be the talked-about HTC Incredible HD so it certainly appears as though HTC is set to remain among the top of the market and can viably compete against other impressive phones soon to be released, such as Motorola’s Atrix 4G and Droid Bionic and of course the upcoming iPhone 5.

Are you eagerly awaiting the HTC Thunderbolt? We think this is a really impressive handset but would like your thoughts on it so please do send us your comments.

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  • Susan

    I want this phone!

  • Sergei Haakinen

    I got a free one from Verizon today! Pretty sweet.

  • Jack

    You didn’t get this phone u fagget. It’s not even out yet homo. Nice try

  • Jack

    Sergei…youre stupid.

  • titansfan138

    how i thought they are not out yet

  • Hates Ignorance

    You are an idiot. If you are going to be THAT ignorant, you could at least spell the word right, you douchebag.

  • mbianco

    looks very impressive,can wait for it to come out

  • Justgetem

    Your a idiot