Apple iPhone 5 : Improvements that could be made

We know that the upcoming iPhone 5 from Apple is a real subject of interest to many right now, and we’ve already published many articles with news and of course, speculation and rumors about what we can expect. Among our recent posts were the rumors of a dual-core processor and we also remembered the lost iPhone 4 by an Apple employee before its release last year, which caused quite a storm.

The iPhone 5 looks to be set for a release date of June and we have been wondering about the enterprise market and what could make the upcoming iPhone more attractive for business users. This is a market that Apple really should hope to make a big impact on and with so many upcoming great-looking Androids, such as the Motorola Atrix 4G or the HTC Thunderbolt, (both 4G handsets), the iPhone 5 could have some real competition on its hands this time around.

We’ve come across a really interesting look into this by Don Reisinger over on Channel Insider who has listed 10 things that Apple could improve upon for the next-generation iPhone, especially to appeal to corporate customers. Reisinger’s number one priority is a fix for the antenna, which was a major issue last year for the iPhone 4 and could possibly have deterred some corporate purchases of the device.

Another area for improvement is seen as enterprise features. Although the current iPhone is already pretty good in that respect there are enhancements that could still be made, such as more IT control options. Reisinger makes the point that the iPhone 5 will probably be running on an upgraded version of iOS 4 so the scope is there for enterprise features to be improved.

Other aspects seen as ripe for improvement are the display, which could be larger (such as on the Motorola Droid X), extra processing power and 4G connectivity support. The 4G support is something that Apple really needs to offer with so many new 4G phones coming up, as mentioned earlier. Other areas such as a cheaper price and included cases are also reported on so to get the full lowdown and more detail check out the article on the Channel Insider link above.

Another really useful article over on InfoWorld by Galen Gruman, suggests improvements that could be made for the next iPhone and also the iPad 2 so if you want more on this read the full article at the link above. What are your thoughts on the iPhone 5 and what changes it needs to appeal to the enterprise market? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

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    I have one - how about voice recognition not repronouncing everything for you, like it's correcting you. For example me: "call Ki Sushi" phone: "calling "Ki saSHEE"