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Amazon Prime Unlimited Video Streaming: Cheaper Than Netflix

Only a few days ago we reported how Amazon now had full control of LoveFilm and speculated whether Amazon intended to concentrate on the streaming market soon, and now, if you are an Amazon Prime customer then we have some good news for you. It appears that Amazon is to offer unlimited movie streaming included free in the Prime subscription of $79 yearly.

An article over on Electronista, sourced from Engadget, informs us that an eagle-eyed Prime subscriber spotted this in the Video in Demand section and it includes major TV shows and new movies too. The streaming will be shown in 480p resolution and there’s currently a choice of 5,000 to opt from.

Amazon Prime Unlimited Video Streaming: Cheaper Than Netflix

This had not yet been widely reported and there has been no comment yet from Amazon so it could just be that it will be rolled out gradually or may be a trial at the moment. However if this is the real deal it would be a big blow to Netflix which costs more per year ($96), although does give a greater selection.

Alexander Grundner over on eHome Upgrade also reports on this and makes the point that this offer, as we previously said, is mostly for 480p streaming and wonders if Amazon plan an HD streaming option too, maybe a ‘Prime Plus’ service? We’d like to know your thoughts about this and would really like to hear from readers who have the Amazon Prime subscription to see if you have the unlimited streaming offer yet? Please let us know with your comments.

  • Ryan

    I am a prime member and this has not shown up for me yet. If they implement this as reported expect to see Amazon surge.