Twitter Reacts Angrily To Series 5 Of Skins

Twitter Reacts Angrily To Series 5 Of Skins

Last night saw the much anticipated return of the award winning teen drama Skins. Facebook and Twitter were alive with fans excited about the start of the 5th series, but many ended up disappointed afterwards.

Let down fans decided to take to Twitter and vent their anger and dislike for the episode and new cast of characters. Metro has reported that a user called Rachel1256 tweeted: “Absolutely appalled with season 5 skins, bring back effy and cook!!”.

Every 2 series the show has a fresh turnover of charcters and what makes this series different from the past is that the main characters are girls, where in the past the focus has been on boys. In the past the main characters have been Tony, Sid, Freddie and Cook; however this time around the series revolves around a new girl called Frankie.

Unfortunately the reception for the new gang was not too positive and another user called Dazgale tweeted: “I hope this episode ends with Franky killing everyone… So we can see the proper cast for this series. Surely it can’t be that lot?.” You may have heard that a US version of Skins was released and parents described it as “the most dangerous programme ever for children”, according to The Guardian. The rating for Skins is 18 or mature for a reason, due to the language, heavy drug use and sexual content.

Not all of the reaction from the episode on E4 was negative as a tweeter called TheRainBro posted: “I AM ALREADY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH FRANKY!!!”. I have followed all 4 series so far and missed last night’s episode; however I have had generally negative reaction from my friends. If you live in the UK and missed the 1st episode like me then you can catch up on 4OD by following the link.

Did you watch last night’s new episode of Skins, if so what did you think of it? Leave us your comments telling us what you think of the new cast and if you think these characters will impact the whole series. Are they better than the old cast?

  • scaw

    Of course people are going to dislike the characters at first. Everyone misses Gen 2. I remember when I started watching season 3, my first thought was “WTF IS THIS SHIT.” It took me most of season 3 to actually come to like Gen 2, but once I got over it, I loved them almost as much as I loved Gen 1. When watching S5E1, I tried to have an open mind about the characters, and I already see that they’re going to be good. Of course, I miss Gen 2, but I am also looking forward to seeing what’s gonna happen with Gen 3. Frankie seemed one-sided and uninteresting at first, but about halfway through, we see another side of her, and then another closer to the end. Mini is definately going to be interesting, because it is easy to see that she has some stuff that needs working out. Her relationship with her friends (Grace and hhrbl…) seems too mean girls-esque, as though the writers thought that that was what was “down with the kids” these days. But knowing skins, that mean girls feel will go away pretty quickly when we realize that the characters have a lot more depth than anything on mean girls.

    By the way, I am raging that we can’t use 4OD in the US; I had to watch a crappy wisevid version :(

  • skinstruefan

    i loved it. true skins fans will love this cast no matter what. just not the american one :p

  • franky

    what a bland episode. I used to be a massive skins fan and we slowly have watched it going down the pot. The main reasons why?

    The original series of skins had a variety of (at the time) upcomming artists such as the gossip & the foals. The music over the years has become attroticious. Back when skins started 'math rock' and 'nu rave' was what kids were listening to. Now its alot more 'dubstep' and 'indie'. The music needs a desperate revamp.

    Who didnt use to die to want to go to one of those parties?! now they are set in clubs playing blondie and sipping alcopops… are we in the 1980's again?

    WHY DOES EVERY GIRL ON SKINS HAVE TO HAVE AN EATING OR MENTAL DISORDER. Can they get a chubby cast member please? im sick of seeing bone thin, messed in the head girls.

  • franky

    Unique characters:
    First series we had
    -Cool kid
    -Loser friend
    -Sexy girlfriend
    -Boring geeky friend
    -Pill head
    -Rebelious Muslim
    -Gay friend
    -Posh Chav
    -Posh Bitch
    -Fit little sister

    We now have:
    -La roux dressed in jack wills
    -Metal head
    -Ginger knob
    -Slimey Cringey boy 1
    -Slimey cringey boy 2
    -annoying blonde bimbo
    -unfunny minion no.1
    -unfunny minion no.2

    Frankly it looks appauling…


    Drug use:
    I have no problem with drug use on skins. It happens, why hide it. BUT if your gonna show drugs on skins atleast make it slightly realistic. NO ONE in their right mind would dib dab mdma/coke just to run around a shopping centre but say they did… they would:

    A). look like an extra of dawn of the dead
    B). be still buzzing hours after
    C). be noted by the security guards for looking OFF THEIR TITS!

    its like the last cast who took mdma and then fell asleep. I wish i could get on the writing team just to get the writers to wake up. Its the ideas which are appualing. the brains behind it at the moment need a change over…

  • Sam Grantham

    I am an American fan of Skins and was so happy to have some quality Skins back in my life after the pile of shit US Skins. The series 5 premiere is such a good episode, I love that they change the cast every two years, it keeps the show fresh, and I am already in love with the new cast. I don't understand why people are whining about generation 2, yeah they were great and gen. 1 was even better, but Skins would not be Skins without a new cast every 2 seasons.

  • sofia

    I REALLY liked it. I think Matty, Franky and Rich are going to be very interesting characters.

  • Anonymous

    utterly wank. patronising and unrealistic representation of teenagers as shallow uneducated stereotypes. the script was appalling- imagine your drunk uncle at a wedding trying to fake being 'down with the kids' and speaking in cheesy california-girl put downs.
    the soundtrack tried too hard to tick the boxes but just played the sort of music from a topman changing room. it was like watching Grange Hill with terrible styling: like primark had vomited up a poor mans tribute to i.d magazine.
    and finally, the characters. unconvincing, lacking depth like previous series. and quite frankly very yawn. wheres the fun of the original series, all very naff and melodramatic.series one was a hit not because of the controversy but because laid back dissaffected cool. seventeen was about messy parties, college and fun.

  • Anonymous

    utterly wank. patronising and unrealistic representation of teenagers as shallow uneducated stereotypes. the script was appalling- imagine your drunk uncle at a wedding trying to fake being 'down with the kids' and speaking in cheesy california-girl put downs.

  • ana elgueta

    I’m a huge fan of skins i loved season 1, 2 ,3 and 4, i watched all the episodes of the fifth serie and found it reaaally bad. I just think we teens really can’t relate to the new cast. Thats a shame cause i think what differenciates skins from all the dumb american series is that we english kids can utterly relate to the characters. I just really didn’t see that in series 5.. Quite disapointed and I don’t even think i’m going to bother watching the next series (that is if they kept the same cast after all these negative critiques..)