Pioneer Elite (KURO) HDTV Back: Sharp Elite LCD Instead

Electronics company Pioneer is now on the up thanks to some news that has come through today. Some of you may remember the very successful Kuro Plasma Screen TV’s that Pioneer released and then unfortunately stopped producing? And today Pioneer are best known for manufacturing receivers, Blu-Ray players, A/V equipment under what it known as the “Elite” brand, and its this that we wanted to bring you news on.

It seems that Pioneer and Sharp thanks to a granted license of the brand, have joined forces to bring customers the Elite HDTV in the form of an LCD, to be aimed initially at the American and Canadian market this year. It is hoped with the merging of the two, not only will Pioneer benefit with their already successful theater style offerings, but Sharp will see an increase in showroom sales. As most of us are aware, both companies offer some fantastic products with Pioneer offering the items above as well as Sharp giving us appliances, LED lightning, mobile phones, office gadgets and so on.

For fans of you out there who may be wondering, what about the AQUOS products? News from has stated that Sharp will be carrying on with this brand alongside the semi-new Elite models. Are there any downsides to this news today? The guys over at Engadget are a little apprehensive as to whether Sharp will be able to create as they say, enough new pixels to replace what we once had.

As part of a lengthy statement from the President of Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America “John Herrington,” he said, “”As a leader in large screen LCD TV, we are excited to collaborate with Pioneer to bring a high-end LCD TV to the Elite consumer. The Elite brand is highly respected in the high end market and Sharp can deliver the quality and innovation that Elite customers demand.” To find out what else he said as well as the press release click here.

At this stage, we have no official word on price, release dates and of course specifications, but we can tell you that the Elite brand will be sold through Pioneer’s official network page. Any further news we will of course update you.

What are your thoughts on the two companies merging to bring us a new LCD?

  • Keith

    Terrible News, a tv worthy to carry on the ELITE standard should carry the same quality if not better then previous models and LCD/LED is not able to deliver that quality increase. Plasma technology is clearly the most advanced technology of all three seeing as all LCD and LED do is try and play catch up to what plasma can produce and every year plasma advances even better. Plasma worked for Pioneer in the past making the best TV's even compared to What is out now (closest tv is the VT25 series from panasonic which is a plasma) and they should stick with it PERIOD!!!!!

  • UtzY

    Kuro from 2008 don't have a rival in 2011 :( it is sad, as I don't own a Kuro Elite…They should better get OLED out …not LCD…