Nexus S NFC: Other Uses Demonstrated

Lots of people have been talking about NFC and how it may feature in the next iPhone and iPad, NFC is otherwise known as Near Field Communication and is normally thought of as a method of payment.

As with any feature people are always trying to think of innovative ways to use if for other means. This has prompted the guys over at MobiSocial News to try something different. They have been able to make a pair of Nexus S share applications. The one that they are displaying in the video at the bottom of the article is a whiteboard app. All the guys do is have the application running on one device, touch one to another and then allow the sharing. Once they are sharing the white board, the second user adds to the drawing which instantly appears on the first device. Pretty nifty don’t you think?

Unfortunately as Engadget’s Donald Melanson says in his take of the P2P connection between the two devices show in the examples below, is that this can only happen because of the tweaks made to the Android system. In other words, you won’t be able to try it out for yourself just yet. The developers are hopeful that apps will be released that will allow you to at a later date. We think that everyone is in agreement that there is definitely potential here.

What cool things can you think of to use NFC for? Let us know in the comments section below.