Apple iPhone 4 vs BlackBerry Torch 9800: Clash Of The Whiteons (Hands On)

Apple iPhone 4 vs BlackBerry Torch 9800: Clash Of The Whiteons (Hands On)

News from Research in Motion has been a little on the quiet side, that’s up until now, for Vodafone will be releasing a white version of the Torch 9800, running on the BlackBerry 6 OS, packed full of fantastic specifications which we will give you a run down of later on in the post.

Here at OSM, Tim spoke of this very handset on the 14th of this month. Good news for RIM, but perhaps on the flip side, not so good for Apple. News of their white iPhone 4 is still a dominant feature on the internet, and news of its release date is still varied, with some sites such as AT&T, Vodafone and Best Buy all listing the handset, but no facility to order it. But what will this mean for customers?

Some may argue that Apple have had more than enough time to produce the white version, and that people understandingly have got impatient, and with the next generation iPhone 5 on the way, begs the question whether it will really be worth getting the white?

The guys over at Pocketlint who initially gave us information on specifications, have now been lucky enough to get a hands-on with the device. To access the images and to find out more click here. To remind you of what the Torch 9800 includes, you can expect to get 3.2-inch touchscreen, 512MB RAM, WiFi, 5 megapixel camera complete with flash and so on.

As this stage, a release date is still unconfirmed from Vodafone stores, but any updates to this, we will let you know.

What do you think about the competition heating up between BlackBerry and Apple? Is the Torch 9800 in with a chance? Will you wait for this, or perhaps another of BlackBerry’s offerings later this year, such as the Torch 2 or even the Storm?