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Verizon Vs AT&T: Which Is The Biggest Carrier?

January 27, 2022 | Tim Ollason

There is a huge rivalry between these two carriers; both of them are the giants in the U.S. AT&T have enjoyed the last few years of iPhone exclusivity, this has helped them to really establish themselves as a big player in the game.

As for Verizon, well they have been in the news a bit recently haven’t they? Recently Verizon and Apple unveiled the Apple iPhone 4 which is CDMA enabled. Of course this is seen as a massive move in America. AT&T is famed for their bad coverage and issues with their network whilst Verizon has built its reputation on being a great carrier with good customer services.

Now both carriers have had a little mention, which of the two is the biggest? Well according to a report from Slashgear’s Rue Liu, AT&T managed to add another 2.8 million new customers in the quarter just gone; this makes the total number of subscribers up to 95.5 million subscribers. How many customers do Verizon have? 94.1 million In total, one thing to remember when you read this is we still have two weeks till the iPhone debuts on Verizon.

This is however slightly incorrect, if you head over to (AT&T’s official website) and also to (to see Verizon figures) they give you an abbreviated breakdown of the sales. If you look carefully there are a few minor errors in the report.

The figures should look a bit more like this, AT&T have 86.2 million customers and 95.5 million all in, AT&T include other devices in this count like tablet PCs of which there are 9.3 million. Verizon on the other hand, their count is at 94.1 million, this doesn’t include the additional 8.1 million of other devices like tablets. Now if you start looking at the total numbers again, you will see the errors that were made. This brings AT&T’s TOTAL devices to 95.5 million, whilst Verizons’ rises to 102.2 million. This leaves Verizon in top spot, not AT&T.

How long do you think AT&T can last in top spot whilst Verizon has it in their view? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Nick

    Once verizon releases the iphone they will disappear from AT&T's view. It will take a few years probably for those who plan to switch carriers to do so since i hear that AT&T is making the contract cancelation price for iPhone users to be around $300. AT&T knows they are in trouble when it comes to their competition with Verizon and without the exclusivity of the iPhone they are going to have to lower their prices to keep getting prospective customers.

  • Rob

    Until Verizon can make their phone be able to multitask while you have a phonecall (Which they currently can not), I will be sticking to AT&T.