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Facebook Sued Again: Disabled Account Could Cost $500000

January 27, 2022 | Tim Ollason

We have heard of some crazy things that happen in the online world, perhaps none crazier than this. Facebook are being sued again, this time it is because they disabled someone’s account. That someone is Mustafa Fteja!

I guess the real question you have to ask is how much do you use your Facebook account? Then you have to ask, how much is it worth to you? Fteja is trying to sue Facebook for $500k because his account was disabled for ‘no reason’. He had 340 friends and if you do the math that’s roughly $1,500 per friend.

The account was disabled in September which cut off his communication with friends and family around the world. Mustafa Fteja also said that he has lost personal memories and photos. The ‘victim’ says that he isn’t doing this for the money but instead, he is doing this for justice. His suit notes that Fteja is a Muslim and that he is charging Facebook with religious discrimination.

Dareh Gregorian over at has written an article and has also mentioned that they have contacted Facebook regarding the issue via email however Facebook are yet to respond. Another source that is reporting on the claim is, head over to see the other things that have been said about the account being disabled.

What do you think of the claim? Should Facebook be charged for this? I guess if they did disable it for no reason then perhaps they should but not for that kind of money. What do you think?

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