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Facebook & Skype Voice Chat - Your Thoughts

January 27, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Facebook & Skype Voice Chat – Your Thoughts

It’s no secret that Skype and Facebook have a partnership going on, and it makes perfect sense as both companies need one another to continue to grow. We have recently reported that Skype has set themselves a new record of 27 million simultaneous logins which is pretty impressive.

As for Facebook, they have an enormous user base of 500 million users with more than half of them being daily contributors. Facebook are always looking for different ways to expand and offer a new service to keep pushing the numbers up.

Back in October Skype and Facebook partnered up and there was an integration of Facebook into Skype. They released a video onto their blog but you can watch it at the bottom of our article. The partnership brought the integration of contacts into the Skype UI as well as including a Facebook tab where you can see a Facebook news feed and also comment and ‘Like’ things. You can also sync your Skype mood with your Facebook status, but the big feature was being able to phone your friends!

Now we are hearing from Mashable’s Adam Ostrow that Facebook seems to be trying something out. Many users have been seeing a ‘Call’ button on their new looks profile. This comes right in the middle of Facebook adding their new messaging system that caters for the email address with email, texting and instant messaging all showing in the same place. Of course it would make sense for the voice chat to be enabled here too, or even just on someone’s profile page as Mashable shows. If Facebook pulls off voice and video calling in all web browsers then that will be mightily impressive.

If this integration were to happen then when you look at that the Facebook Vs Google saga, it makes sense as they are adding voice chat to Gmail. This is Facebook’s way of going one better all the time. Mashable report that they have contacted Facebook and the response they received was that they don’t comment rumors or speculation and that they have nothing to announce at this present time.

What do you think of this partnership? Could it work? Have you seen it on your profile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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