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Apple iPad’s First Birthday Today: Telling a story

January 27, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Apple iPad’s First Birthday Today: Telling a story

Almost unbelievably today is the Apple iPad’s first birthday. The year seems to have flown past and now all attention is focused on the upcoming iPad, the iPad 2. We’ve written about the iPad on more occasions than we can remember but it has certainly merited such attention as a forerunner and leader in its field.

Whether it will continue to lead the way is now in question with the Samsung Galaxy Tab being its first major contender and now many upcoming tablets that look set to give the iPad a run for its money, such as the Motorola Xoom and the BlackBerry Playbook. If you want to know more about the iPad’s history and future we have details of a really good infographic brought to us by Erica Swallow on Mashable, sourced from OnSwipe.

For a start it’s intriguing to see that the initial sales forecasts for the iPad in its first year were 3.3 million units. However the total amount of iPads actually sold in 2010 was 14.8 million. Even the giant Apple must have been thrilled to have those previous expectations passed in this way. Also of the worldwide tablets sold 90% of those have been the Apple iPad, and only 10% other tablet devices.

It’s also been predicted by Oppenheimer and Co. that in 2011 there will be 15.1 million iPads shipped and that is expected to rise to 155 million units by 2014, a growth rate of 66.5%. For a full look at the infographic head to Mashable at the above link. If you’re an iPad enthusiast you probably won’t be surprised that from a recent poll on PC Advisor, David Price reports that the upcoming iPad 2 was at the top of most people’s wishlist for devices they might purchase in 2011.

What are your thoughts on the iPad story and the way it has revolutionized the tech industry? Let us know by sending us your comments please.

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    Wow, man, One year already - time flies when you are waiting to have fun. The iPad was released in South Africa today, 28 January 2011. With iPad2 due to be released, is Apple dumping stock here? Word has it that there could well be over 50,000 ‘grey’ units on local cellular networks! Well.