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Verizon iPhone: Offers Customers $200 Handset Upgrade

January 26, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
Verizon iPhone: Offers Customers $200 Handset Upgrade

The announcement from Verizon with its highly anticipated iPhone 4 deal, now seems to be more of a reality when we look at what today’s news is offering us. Just a couple of weeks ago, one of the biggest speeches that will possibly come of this year took place, with not just the big red telling us of their iPhone offering but of a release date being February 10.

News as we said has filtered through from Verizon, and of its customers now being eligible to trade in their current handset to get a $200 upgrade towards the new awaited iPhone 4. As Alan over at PR News via BGR reported, this will only be available for handsets which were purchased between November 26 2010 and January 10 2011.

Chances are, a number of you will be sitting there with a fairly new Android phone, but to entice customers into purchasing the new Apple handset, subscribers will be able to get the new plan from Verizon with a $200 Visa debit card to spend.

Rest assured if your handset is not direct from Verizon, BGR’s web page categorically indicates that Verizon’s trade-in program will apply to other carriers including an AT&T iPhone.

For more information click here or go direct to Verizon’s website here.

Tell us what handset you are currently using, did you purchase one between these dates, and are you tempted by Verizon’s deal?

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  1. Verizon's trade in program is terrible. For example, if you want to sell them your 16GB AT&T iPhone 4 they are offering $212. is offering $365. Based on a sampling of prices Verizon pays, SellYourCell typically pays 30% - 50% more - in cash, not Verizon credit! This is admittedly a promo but also educational so people will shop around.

  2. Daniel caccioppo says:

    I’m disappointed that verizon won’t push up my upgrade date so I can get the iPhone. I have to wait till next year to upgrade boooooo.

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