Groupon / JiWire Launches New “Hyperlocal” Ad Campaign

Deal of the day and coupon sharing website “Groupon” which was initially launched 2 years ago, is now with the help of JiWire, launching a hyperlocal ad campaign. A ??? what campaign you may be wondering? If I told you that JiWire are responsible for ads such as Starbucks and Marriott hotels, you will get the idea.

JiWire, the company that specialises in working with national and international advertisers, networks and internet service providers, will now with Groupon be offering a unique service to its some 29 million US customers every month. It works on the principle that when JiWire know exactly where their users are, they can then target them with specific Groupon deals local to them in their area at any given time. It works when the user clicks onto his or her WiFi networks and as reported, opens a browser window.

Whereas Groupon are best known for offering “a deal a day,” this is looking to change with the introduction of “as many deals that can be sold a day.” In the past although thought sexist, Groupon are generally visited by young educated females, hence coupons are aimed at beauty, health and fitness markets, but is it hoped with the implementation of JiWire, this will now change into a broader spectrum.

Are you a fan of Groupon? Have you ever used their coupons? If not check out the video below to get an idea of what they can offer.