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Sony PSP2 Image Revealed: Real Or Fake?

January 25, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Sony PSP2 Image Revealed: Real Or Fake?

So far we have reported on various news for the PSP2 including the rumors of specs, 3G and it supposedly is having an HD screen and rear facing touchpad. The handheld device is supposed to be as graphically powerful as the Sony PS3.

Well now we are seeing images of what could be the PSP2 for the first time. The device was found over at where Nathan Grayson has written an article. Within this he mentions that Sony has already been contacted about the device and all they said was ‘We don’t comment on rumors or speculation’. If this was or wasn’t the PSP2 then surely Sony would just deny it anyway wouldn’t they?

VG247 sourced the details from Kotaku, where they had been looking at fan’s Photoshop creations but apparently this isn’t a fan-made one. As far as we can see the image looks pretty genuine but of course, it could have been made by a professional Photoshop specialist.

Alan Ng of has also offered his opinion on what ‘could’ be the Sony PSP2, so be sure to have a read. What we are finding interesting is the 3 accessories next to the supposed device. There’s a stylus suggesting that you would use that on the screen, similar to that of the Nintendo DS, an SD card and what looks like an unseen media input. Perhaps Sony has listened to all of those frustrated users that liked to have the physical game, which we didn’t have with the PSPGO. It was all downloadable games. Maybe it’s a new game format that Sony will be using? The speculation continues!

Let us know what you think of the mystery accessory and also tell us if you think the photo shown above is real or fake, write all about it in the comments section below.

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