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Entrepreneurs and Twitter: To Tweet or not to Tweet

January 25, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Entrepreneurs and Twitter: To Tweet or not to Tweet

We’ve already spoken today of the growing use of social media for business with an article about social media training. Now it’s time to focus on Twitter and specifically how entrepreneurs can use it to make the most of their business.

We noticed a fascinating look at this in an article over on Mashable by Scott Gerber, who is an entrepreneur, speaker and author and it’s he who asks the question, “To Tweet or not to Tweet?” Many entrepreneurs may well be pondering on the use of Twitter and some will have had varying experiences of using it. Whilst it can be a useful social tool others might see it as something that drains time and resources. One thing they might have in common though is learning the very best ways to use it effectively.

Gerber’s article goes on to ask 8 young entrepreneurs for their advice on how to use Twitter advantageously. One of them, Ashley Bodi, comments on the fact that businesses must focus on the fact it’s a ‘social’ tool and use it to interact. That doesn’t mean simply pushing out as much information as you can, but taking the time to see what your customers really want.

Another young entrepreneur, Heather Huhman notes the use of Twitter etiquette explaining that quality is always better than quantity and that users should “give more than they get.” There’s a lot of really useful advice and tips here so head to Mashable to read the full article. You may also be interested in another interesting article this time by Anna Chisholm over on CourierMail. Again it focuses on young entrepreneurs using social media and online marketing.

Are you a young entrepreneur? If so we’d like you to share with us any advice you have about making the most of social media so please do send us your comments.

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