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Sony PSP2 Specs: Rumors Suggest 3G & OLED Display

January 24, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Sony PSP2 Specs: Rumors Suggest 3G & OLED Display

Sony look like they are planning a big year, they have the new PlayStation phone as well as the new PSP2 handheld games console. This will need to be a decent device if they want to compete in the handheld gaming market, especially seeing as Nintendo have already announced the 3DS.

What could the PSP2 possibly have to rival the 3DS and its innovative glasses-less screen? Well, if you listen to rumors then you might have heard that the PSP2 will have an OLED display and 3G support. If 3G is included with the PSP2 then it will be the first instance of a games console running on the 3G cell phone network, this brings all sorts of new opportunities to the PSP2.

According to Siyahi over at, Sony is currently developing a chip that will download and display faster. Something mentioned over at IGN is with the addition of 3G, gamers will be able to download and play games online; they will also be able to download movies too.

The PSP2 is also rumored to have a touch sensitive back panel and PS3 standard graphics, all these features can only mean one thing… It’s not going to be cheap. Some of the comments on IGN’s article are suggesting that the device may reach $399.

We are all eagerly awaiting the event in Tokyo on January 27th where all of the details will be released for the PSP2; as soon as these have been released we will be updating you on the full specifications.

Do you think the PSP2 will be too expensive? Will there be enough games to rival the 3DS? Would you be interested if the device gets 3G and an OLED display? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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