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iPhone 5: New 5G or 4G Name Possibilities?

January 24, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
iPhone 5: New 5G or 4G Name Possibilities?

For a little while now, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 has been the talk of the internet. Speculation surrounds what it will look like, internal and external features, release dates and pricing, have all been covered. Although it remains to be confirmed what the handset will include, up until now we have just assumed that the device will be named the iPhone 5, or will it?

In the whirlwind of hype over Verizon’s recent iPhone 4 announcement, there was talk on what big red’s Apple device would be classed as. Would it be an iPhone 4 or perhaps badged as the 5, it was even suggested that Verizon’s customers would be given a 4GS in the same way that the 3G gained the GS monica.

However, according to Peter at PR News the 4GS title is highly unlikely, as he states when the iPhone 3G became the 3GS, competitors for the iPhone were scarce. This means that Apple need to keep it fresh and new, a simple GS added onto the end will not stir up enough excitement. Possibilities of a 5G tag are again unlikely with Apple not wanting to skip straight past the iPhone 5 name. Also with the popularity for the 5 liable to hit an all time high, the pressure on AT&T or Verizon’s 4G network will be too much.

While for us the logical choice would be an iPhone 5 title, others like iPhone5 News Blog have different opinions. Their impressions are that the plain 5 could be seen as a “make up” model for the iPhone 4 that suffered technical issues. Whichever way you look at it the iPhone ? is coming, and as to what name or technical spec it carries is still up for debate.

What name would you give the latest generation iPhone?

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  • Chris

    iPhone4g for the win. It will be a roll-out of the same new phone for AT&T and Verizon which will both be 4G compatible. This is why the Verizon version in Feb. didn't get 4G (LTE) functionality. They were with holding it for the namesake that they want to give both phones at the same time. I don't understand why anyone would get the Verizon version coming out in Feb. but some people just can't wait.