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Toshiba Tablet vs. iPad 2: Poking a stick at Apple

January 23, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Toshiba Tablet vs. iPad 2: Poking a stick at Apple

You may have heard that Toshiba is planning a 10-inch Android tablet, the announcement of which came at CES 2011, and we also recently posted an article about how the tablet now has it’s own Flash-based website set up by Toshiba, even though it’s still an unnamed device.

Due this spring, the Toshiba tablet is receiving some very positive comments so far and reports are that it will run on Android 3.0 Honeycomb on release and has a Tegra 2 processor. We noted that Toshiba obviously believed in this tablet, (setting up it’s own site seemed to imply this), and now we hear that Toshiba has been poking a rather big stick at competitor Apple and its iPad.

Chris Matyszczyk over on Cnet, sourced from AllThingsDigital, has delved further into the tablet’s preview website and noted some digs at Apple and wonders what the backlash might be. For example use an iPhone or iPad for the non-Flash version of the website (both are not Flash-friendly), a message comes up saying, “Such a shame.” It continues, “Add this to the list of interesting places on the Internet you can’t see on your device. Of course, if you had a Toshiba Tablet you would enjoy the entire Internet. Yep, Flash sites too.”

Clint Boulton over on eWeek has also looked at the Toshiba tablet and notes that Toshiba has endeavored to make its tablet different from others with features such as a rubberized grip (also on the Notion Ink Adam), multiple data ports and replaceable battery but will this be enough? You can find out more on all the specs for the Toshiba Tablet on the eWeek link above.

Many people will enjoy this touch of skullduggery from Toshiba slighting Apple, but the company had better be sure it has a device worthy of it and with other tablets such as the Motorola Xoom, the BlackBerry Playbook, and even an iPad 2 coming soon, let’s hope Toshiba doesn’t have to eat its words. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Toshiba tablet, and do you think it will be a credible competitor to the iPad2? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.

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  1. Justin says:

    Apple still has sheer popularity on it's side. And besides, the ipad 2 is supposed to have everything the toshiba tablet will have (including flash) and more. Hey, it's apple. Mess with it and it messes with you.

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