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iPad 3 not iPad 2: To get 2048 x 1536 resolution

January 22, 2022 | Debbie Turner

We’ve been keeping you informed on all the news and speculation about the upcoming iPad, the iPad 2 and recently posted a story about a mystery component that Apple is heavily investing in. Conjecture suggested this component could be for high-density displays that could be used on the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 2.

Now we have a follow-on to this story from Jeff Bertolucci over on PC World who reports that the new improved screen resolution of 2048 x 1536 is unlikely to get to the iPad 2, but could certainly be used for the iPad 3 or later. The high-density display would be 4x that of the current iPad and has got many people talking.

Although Digitimes, which is a Taiwanese trade paper, reported that the higher resolution would come on the iPad 2 which they also reported would start mass production in late February, research firm IDC is of a different opinion. Tom Mainelli, research manager feels that the report of the screen resolution is correct but that it’s too late to be brought to the iPad 2 and said in e-mail to PC World, “Our sources say Apple has requested that manufacturers begin work on displays with that resolution for the iPad 3.”

He added that it was highly unlikely that the improved resolution could be supplied in large enough amounts in time for the iPad 2. Meanwhile the International Business Times also speculates on the Digitimes report and the fact that it was originally thought the higher-resolution would be for the iPad 2 but on reflection it seems more likely to us that as PC World speculates, it won’t be here until the iPad 3. However the International Business Times report does have a lot of other interesting observations about the iPad 2 so check it out for more.

You may also be interested in our recent article, a rumor roundup about the iPad 2. What are your thoughts on the 2048 x 1536 resolution? Would you put off buying an iPad 2 now, preferring instead to wait for the iPad 3? Let us know by sending us your comments please.

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  1. Joe says:

    I would wait for the iPad 3. Resolution to me is very important, and I did not like the resolution with the iPad 1.

  2. sam says:

    Than- iPad3 it is. I don't care much about the iPad1 display as it is.

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