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Restaurants & Bars: Social Media - How Is It Being Used?

January 21, 2022 | Tim Ollason

Social media and social networking, the direction that most companies are realizing is the way forward. Any company that has realized this is trying to get in as many key locations that their brand and field can possibly be in.

This ranges from advertisements, Facebook pages for companies and now we are hearing that some places are using the location based such as Foursquare to reel the customers in. We have already reported on Foursquare’s growth over the last little while and we weren’t surprised by the results.

According to Elizabeth Olson of even restaurants are reaching using social media. A national restaurant chain called Buffalo Wild Wings who offer casual dining coupled with televised sport is about to kick off a new campaign called the “Home Court Advantage”. The aim of the new project is to involve customers further that the smartphone check-in that they use when they get there.

Of course, Foursquare aren’t the only location based social network, one that Buffalo Wild Wings plans on using is ‘Scvngr’, this will be used to introduce contests such as the wing eating contest and perhaps some of the trivial challenge. Why not head over to the nytimes and have a read of Elizabeth Olson’s article? According to Tracey E. Schelmetic, its not only restaurants but also bars that are taking advantage of the digital world.

What we want to know from you is, what instances have you benefited from using a location-based social network? Please do tell in the comments box below.

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