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Notion Ink Adam Unboxing: A treat in store

January 21, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Notion Ink Adam Unboxing: A treat in store

Here at OSM we’ve really enjoyed the story of one of the most innovative products to come along in a long time, the Notion Ink Adam tablet. This product has evolved from small roots but has made a very big impression and we’ve posted many articles such as a look at the Motorola Xoom vs the Notion Ink Adam, the recent delay in shipping, and the news that many of you were waiting for, that shipping had begun on Wednesday.

We’ve made no secret of our enthusiasm for this device and everything it stands for and now today we hear that the first unboxing photos of the Adam, from Notion Ink CEO, Rohan Shravan, have been made available. We first heard of this from Electronista, sourced from the Notion Ink blog and a very excited Shravan is eager to lovingly undo the box and unwrap the finished article, and very impressive it looks too.

There’s also some reassurance from those who pre-ordered who are avidly awaiting delivery as Shravan explains the Adam’s were air-shipped and left the factory in China, to go on to a center in Hong Kong and then on to your home. Apparently when you receive your Adam an update is already waiting for you although there’s no news yet on exactly what to expect from it. The clever packaging also allows you to use the box as a foldout stand for the Adam, it seems that Shravan really has thought of everything. You can see all of the unboxing photos at the Notion Ink link above.

Liliputing reports on the unboxing and also noted the stand in the packaging making the box more useful than usual and also tells us that customers are saying that tracking information on orders is now available online. Are you eagerly awaiting your delivery of the Notion Ink Adam? If so we’d like to know why you chose this device over the many other new tablets about to be released? Please let us know with your comments.

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  1. Pratik Home says:

    I missed out on the PQ version in the 1st preorder. I am eagerly waiting to place my order in the next preorder.
    Back in early 2010 I was looking to buy an ebook reader and I was searching for one which could display color. Slashgear article about Adam in CES 2010 struck me and I got hooked to NI's blog. Rohan's honesty, humility and his eagerness to listen to everybody kept my enthusiasm alive in their dream. Although till late 2010 I did not comment on their blog, every time I visit the blog it felt like a family. Adam seemed to have everything that I wanted in an ebook reader with full functionality of a tablet and the most exciting part was its price which was within my budget.
    As time passed by and internet started buzzing with speculation that NI's 'adam' is a vaporware, it was again honesty and passion in Rohan's blog which kept my faith going. And IMHO different allegations against NI coming from different corners who were cruelly unforgiving about a start up's first venture gelled the NI community and made their faith strong. It was like all of us were contributing to the development of 'adam' and we were eager to see 'NI's dream, which by then had turned into our dreams, turning into reality. It was the first time a company was asking users to contribute to the development of its first product and it's CEO was respectful of every comment.
    These unboxing pictures has brought true joy to the heart of many followers of NI's blog and I firmly believe this is just the beginning of the NI's success story!

  2. Varun says:

    Every other tablet out in the market just look like pieces of granite. There is nothing special or exciting in them. And there was adam. With so many unique specs. It is surprising how short sighted and unimaginative all the big manufacturers (including apple) could be in designing their tablets. None of them have any USP. On the other hand adam has so many features that are unique to itself. I feel adam would be the perfect tablet to buy in 2011.

  3. Tim Elston says:

    I wanted an e-Ink reader that could zoom in on complex graphics, and I wanted to read books online in bed on a tablet without having to look at a backlighted screen after eight to twelve hours at work. The Notion Ink Adam was the only tablet that was promising to do that. So I sat back and waited. No iPad for me. An e-Ink tablet was the only thing that was going to do it for me. Notion Ink got it done, and my Pixel Qi Adam should be flying out of Hong Kong to Alaska within the week.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Right now there are two kinds of tablets: the iPad, and things that want to be the iPad. The Adam is really the only tablet that's offering something quite different from the iPad. That alone makes it distinctive and worthy of consideration.

    I haven't ordered one; I think that ordering a product like this from an unknown company, sight unseen, without having seen any in-depth reviews, would be rather too much of a leap of faith. However, it is the tablet I'm most interested in and I am eagerly awaiting the first real reviews and its general availability. I'm interested in it for two main reasons (other than the aforementioned distinctiveness). First, the screen that allows it to function effectively as an ebook reader in all light conditions. And second, its much greater productive capacity. If I'm going to buy a tablet, I want it to replace a laptop as the thing I carry around and do work on. It doesn't have to have as much capacity as a laptop, but I want to be able to import documents, work on them, and export them again - ideally with something like a pen drive, and not having to mess about with iTunes as you do with an iPad. The Adam seems to me to have the potential to be a far more versatile device than its rivals.

    Whether it turns out to be a great device or not (I hope it does, but of course we don't quite know yet), I do think it will undoubtedly be a device that people planning on buying a tablet ought to consider.

  5. Objective says:

    For us engineers, and entrepreneurs Adam stands for innovation.

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