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iPhone 5 Release Date: Rumor Says 6 June 2021

January 21, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

With speculation still building up surrounding Apple’s iPhone 5 we still have no idea as to when the handset will be released. Rumors are stating that the phone will arrive sometime in June, but up until now our news here at OSM, has been focused on pure speculation as to what the 5 will pack internally and externally. Only today we reported on anti-tamper screws that may possibly make their way onto the phone and yesterday rumors of media and photo streaming seemed to be the top of the agenda.

Tonight, news that caught our eye was that of a rumored release date from the guys over at Looking back over the years at previous dates and venues, our source has not only picked out the month of June for a release but that of Monday 6th, this would fall in line with the first day of the “Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.” On looking into this further, it appears that a German website by the name of “Schimanke” has noted that currently on the iPhone 4 screen within the Apple store, its showing 7 June on the calendar icon which surprisingly enough falls into the exact time last year. The current iOS 4.3 beta is showing as a release date of Monday 6th.

As itproportal quite rightly pointed out, Apple’s announcing of and releasing of handsets are generally two different things, so how did itproportal come to this assumption? When looking at the World Wide Developer Conference in June, it is listed as commencing on the 6th – 10th, they then looked at previous venues for product launches. This informed them of the “Yerba Buena Centre For The Arts” (YBCA) as well as “The Moscone Convention Center,”(MCC) both situated in San Francisco, America.

Currently the YBCA is booked up with other events bar the 6th therefore making this entire day free, and on viewing the diary for the MCC so far for the same dates, it seems nothing has been pencilled in. Whether the date of the 6th is purely coincidental but the date this year as our source said, will mark the 67th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy, is this the day that Apple takes on the rest of the tech world? As with all iPhone 5 news at the moment, it has to be taken as hearsay but there’s nothing stopping us from dreaming.

Take a look at itproportal’s workings out, and tell us what your thoughts are?

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  1. asian says:

    i like iphone4G so cool so much more

  2. ddd says:

    i really want to wait for the next one to come out. my 3gs is hanging on.

  3. Quickitus says:

    YeP.. The 3GS is gettn old. Hope it’s soon

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