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Is Sport The Best Industry For Social Media?

January 20, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Is Sport The Best Industry For Social Media?

When talking about social media and social networking, sport may not be the first thing that jumps into your mind. Of course, why would it? There are hundreds of other industries using social media to their advantage, but is sport the ultimate industry for social media?

When you look beneath the banner of ‘Sports’ there are so many different types that people have interests in, if you look at soccer, just about everyone we know follows a soccer team and the impact that the big events have on people and the social world is astounding. If you think of events such as the World Cup then you know where we are coming from.

There are a lot of other sports that are just as popular, dare I say it but more popular. American Football, Baseball, Wrestling and of course the increasing popularity UFC globally.

Craig Carter over at has written an article and as he says there’s always new content available to be communicated, coaches, managers, players and stats. You just have to look at the dedication shown by different sets of fans. As Carter also rightly says, sports fans are a community, supporters of the same teams refer to themselves ‘we’ and ‘us’ when talking about their team.

When we look at the popularity of certain articles that we have written in the past such as fans reactions to David Haye’s recent boxing match against Audley Harrison, even the build up to the fight was well followed on social networks. Then you look at Ryan Babel of Liverpool FC actually being charged by the FA with an official offense because of an action he did on Twitter, things start to become clear.

This doesn’t mean to say that other industries aren’t popular too, but when you look at some of the most common interests in the world, social media/networking and sports, the two of them coming together and being as popular as they are was inevitable.

Do you think Sport is the best industry for Social Media to reside? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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