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Apple iPhone 5 Price: How Much Will You Pay?

January 20, 2022 | Tim Ollason
Apple iPhone 5 Price: How Much Will You Pay?

Only today we at OSM have reported on the possibilities for the iPhone 5 of media streaming and other types of connection, we have also sparked a bit of a debate about a 3D iPhone 5 competing with the Nintendo 3DS and how there is a new component that has seen investment although nobody knows what it is!

We all know the iPhone 4 has just arrived on Verizon with the CDMA chip incorporated but that doesn’t stop the speculation of ’the next device’. Something that will affect everyone’s judgment when buying any cell phone from any manufacturer is always the cost. We want to bring you some of the previous pricing details from Apple of when they have released the previous Apple iPhones, so here goes.

The original iPhone was introduced on January 9th and then on January 29th 2007 after much speculation similar to that of today, this is where it all began. Of course, it was released with exclusivity to AT&T and on the launch day, hundreds of people queued outside the AT&T and Apple stores DAYS before the release. The device then hit Europe around 5 months later where it has been a hit since. It was originally priced at $499 for the 4GB, $599 for the 8GB and then the 16GB version came in at a later date priced at $499.

The successor to the original iPhone was the iPhone 3G (2nd Generation), this device was again introduced on January 9th and then later released on July 11th 2008. The prices of this device looked like this 8GB was $199 and the 16GB was in at $299. Quite a significant reduction from its predecessor.

Again, the iPhone 3G was overtaken by the iPhone 3GS (3rd Generation), which was introduced on June 8th 2009 at WWDC and later released June 19th 2009. It was priced like this, the 16GB at $199 and the 32GB at $299.

As for the iPhone 4, it was announced on June 7th again at the WWDC event and then later released on June 24th 2010. The pricing looked like this, $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB; of course you could pay more and get this device unsubsidized for $499 and $599. Since then we have seen the iPhone 4 also move onto the Verizon carrier and release a slightly updated handset with a CDMA chip inside, read more about it by clicking here.

The thing to bear in mind, with most of the prices above there were also contractual agreements with the carrier. So whilst the prices shown were the price of the device on their network, you then had to pay a monthly fee for the privilege of using your shiny new iPhone. However, there is a definite pattern, our opinion is that Apple learned from their original mistake of pricing themselves out of the market with the 1st generation of iPhone, they then continued into its successor with a much more reasonable price and saw success. With the next devices, they simply did the same, kept the price lower and kept the success.

Now things are heating up in the mobile world, more and more devices are catching up to the dizzy standards set by Apple, which means there is more competition for custom. We have high expectations of the Apple iPhone 5 when it eventually comes along. But what we want to know from you is how much are you prepared to pay for an iPhone 5? Do you think Apple will continue the trend of pricing, put it up or lower the price? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Look at LED tv's and how the prices have come down on them. I think it would be a good idea to ask 199 for the 32 gig and 299 for a 60 gig. As technology advances it becomes cheaper and easier to incorporate. This is just my opinion though.

  2. Arkadiy says:

    I think next iPhone 5 price going to be $299 for 16gb and up for 32gb. I hope to see better camera on iPhone 5 something like 8mp and 1080p or 1080i video recording. I don’t know about the screen if we need beggar but it’s would be good to have 4″. Now about 3d technology, I don’t think mobile phones need 3d screens. We must not forget this is a mobile phone not a computer or a tv. To me mobile phone have to stay in mobile phone standersts. About 4g network and unlocking the phone so any gsm carrier could use iPhone 5. Unlocking iPhone 5 to me is great idea now because apple can make more money by selling unlocked. Yes apple can charge more for unlocked iPhone 5 to me that is not a problem, but not too much. I like what google phone did they have for t-mobile AT&T that works AT&T 3G network. That brings more seals to the company.
    I hope some of aspects that i want to see in the next iPhone 5 would be there.

  3. Evan says:

    $600- no 2 year though- If 2 year I'll pay 399

  4. Dewayne says:

    I Heard it was goin to have the 3d tv thing also i beleive the iphone 5 is goin to be white because they keep putting off the white for i4 ill wait till it hits criagslist ill jailbreak it lol and use it on gophone id pay 400

  5. Hassan says:

    I predict the prices will be the following:
    $199 32 GB
    $299 64 GB

    I also predict that the iPhone 5 will have 3D capabilities.

    Verizon customers should wait it out…

  6. maher says:

    i think iphone 5 and I wish iphone 5 will be like a piece of glass ;) it will loock realy great and ill give it a price of 500$-800$

  7. 64gb says:

    Thinner, 4.3 inch screen micro sd slot 64 or 128gb

  8. hafwit says:

    IMO, I think Apple would be crazy to increase pricing for the 5. Hopefully they follow suit and do what they did with the 3Gs when the 4 was introduced. Lower the cost of the 4 by $50 and maintain the $199 & $299 price tags for the newest and greatest. Anything more is just too much for a phone with a contract. Let those who want unlocked handsets pay the higher prices.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think with iPhone5 being on both networks the prices will both go up 100$.
    I know that if this is how it is I would pay for it (not saying I wouldn't want the iPhone prices from before). The 3D part would be a cool addition. I am going to wait for it thats all I know. The rumors are that it will come out in July 2011. I have some high expectations for it.

  10. David says:

    i agree with hafwit, the prices sound like in a good position. I have the 3gs 16 gig and it is almost full. i would for sure buy a 60 gig for 299, i would think it is worth it. Of course 3d on a phone really does not matter so why bother. Use it as a phone and internet and the normal stuff. If people want the 3d then they can buy a t.v.

  11. TechSpechs01 says:

    Well, the newer trend for tech sellers is to release a new model make the old one cheaper by $50-100 and then sell the new one at the same price as the old one. Apple is very generous in their price range for the iPhone and iPods, since they dominate the mobile device sells not to mention the killer apps that the android and blackberrys cannot compete with. As well as the best touch screen the display is outstanding with the development of retnia display (it is a bit over rated though) that other phones just cannot beat. The camera department of the iOS devices lacks power and while using HDR photos the quality of the camera does not compete with other phones. Apple you sell the best damn mobile devices, please make a better camera on the next generation iOS. Referring to an earlier comment, 3D screen on the iPhone seems impractical because of the fact that you need glasses to use it then and last time 3D was big (8-10 years ago) it failed, the only success in 3D was in IMAX theatres. Also referring to another earlier comment having an iPhone or iPod touch with 128gb does not seem likely since that is an unnecessary amount of space even 64gb is pushing it. If anything they should boost the RAM power just for shits and giggles. Apple does not disappoint with their products so let’s sit back and wait for WWDC this year and verzion users please hold out for the iPhone 5, since apple will make it to work even better on the network. Not to mention all the improvements to the signal dropping iPhone 4 that will no longer be a problem.

    I <3 Tech Geeks

  12. mason says:

    i think that the new iphone should have a 16gb option with it. for 199$ then 32gb for 299$ without having to get a contract

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