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Apple iPad 2: Targeting market penetration

January 20, 2022 | Debbie Turner
Apple iPad 2: Targeting market penetration

At OSM we like to bring you all the news and speculation about new Apple products and one of the hot stories at the moment is the iPad 2. The next-generation iPad is expected to arrive as early as the end of this month and we’ve posted many articles about it that were summed up very neatly by Maddy Rowe here at OSM in her rumor roundup yesterday.

Yesterday we also told how Apple is investing a huge amount of money in a mystery component which could be for the iPad 2 or iPhone 5. Today though, we wanted to touch on a definite aim for the iPad 2, which is to see it successfully adopted by the enterprise market. Desire Athow over on ITProPortal made the interesting point that 80% of Fortune 100 enterprises are using the original iPad. That’s certainly an impressive figure so it would seem that the iPad 2 will already have a head start reaching the business world as eventually companies are bound to replace existing iPads. That is of course, if any of its competitors don’t tempt buyers away from Apple products.

For instance in the next few months we’ll see the arrival of the BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM or the Motorola Xoom, along with HP tablets, the Topaz and Opal. After the success of the original iPad Apple doesn’t appear to be too worried about the iPad 2 achieving market penetration though. Apple employees, for example, are said to be using the phrase “killing it” being used about market takeup.

One thing the iPad 2 may have on its side is if it actually releases before the glut of rivals also due to appear soon and grabs some of the market first. For further insight on this Richi Jennings over on Computerworld has posted a useful roundup about the iPad 2 vs. HP Palm tablets, the Topaz and Opal. The article contains speculation and news from various IT blogs so if you’re interested in finding out more then check it out at the above link.

What are your thoughts on the chances of the iPad 2 achieving enterprise adoption and marketing penetration? We’d be interested to hear from you so why not send us your comments.

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