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YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011: Picks It’s Talented Musicians

January 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe

Do you consider yourself as having a talent when it comes to playing a musical instrument, do you dream of one day being noticed? Then today’s news might just give you that push that’s needed. With the aid of internet site YouTube, a group of musically talented individuals have been spotted and asked to join “The YouTube Symphony Orchestra.”

For a number of us, the chances are that YouTube is probably accessed more than we care to admit, and for a small number who have been chosen to join the orchestra, this would not have been possible without the help of the site. Individuals had to post a video of themselves playing an instrument and a classical piece of their choice, wait for user votes with the hope of making it through.

The idea behind the crowd sourced orchestra as Mashable reported, is to give the “Joe Bloggs” of this world the opportunity to put forward their talents. Last year saw the exact self same concept with the entire orchestra made up from audition videos posted onto YouTube. In turn after being chosen, they met up, rehearsed together to then go on and play at “Carnegie Hall.”

It is hoped that by doing this, classical music will move up the ladder. This year’s orchestra is of a mixed group of musicians from around the world, playing traditional instruments such as violins, percussion, horns and so on, and the orchestra will be led by conductor of the San Francisco Symphony “Michael Tilson Thomas.” As well as this, it has been reported that YouTube will now be offering “master classes” to those who have a keen interest in music, be it amateur or professional.

Over on, they stated that rehersals will take place with concerts beginning in Australia during the month of March 2011, with the final performance being on 20 March where it will be live streamed over the internet.

Are you into the classical arts? What do you think about this new idea as well as online master classes?

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  • Stix Nickson

    Congradulations to all: Great Job, especially George Nickson, Percussionist, from his DAD Stix Nickson …..On to Australia…………..YIPPIE