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T-Mobile Android “DriveSmart Plus” App Disables Text In Motion

January 19, 2022 | Maddy Rowe
T-Mobile Android “DriveSmart Plus” App Disables Text In Motion

We have all received a text message whilst driving, and the majority of us will ignore the recognized message tone, and leave it till it is safe to look. For some however, the temptation will be too much to bear and and the texting whilst driving issue will rear its ugly head.

Now while Bluetooth compatibility and in-built phone integration is now commonplace in virtually all new cars these days, texting is still something that can cause some dangerous lapses in concentration. Mobile phone carriers are highly aware of this, but as Engadget report, T-Mobile are working to alleviate the problem.

Running as a subscription up-grade, T-Mobile’s $4.99 per month, DriveSmart Plus app, hits the issue head on. When activated any line attached to your account and device will automatically be able to sense, via GPS, when your vehicle is in motion. Then if you receive a voice call the system will divert to a voicemail, if you receive an incoming text message the DriveSmart Plus will automatically return a message to the sender stating that you are currently driving.

Of course in an emergency situation there is a built-in override, but in addition to this if parents are concerned about their young first-time drivers abusing the system, DriveSmart Plus allows an extra safety precaution. If the system is overridden, DSP will text or email the parent allowing them to monitor all phone usage via a web interface. At the moment the only T-Mobile device capable of this service is the Optimus T, but extended support is on its way.

If you like the thought of keeping tabs on your youngsters then T-Mobile can also offer you their FamilyWhere app at $9.99 pm. According to Techcrunch this system is similar to apps offered by Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Once set up parents can keep track of their young ones location, with custom alerts. Availability covers almost all phone types on the T-Mobile network, meaning that the followed suspect doesn’t need to possess a smartphone.

With distraction causing a large majority of road accidents, DriveSmart Plus can only be a welcome introduction into your car. Can you see any down sides to the DriveSmart application? Let us know.

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  • Ken

    Yes I see down sides to the DriveSmart system. It can't be permanently disabled/turned off (it restarts every time the phone is turned on). Because it can't be turned off it is always consuming batteries even if someone isn't in a car driving. Also, not everyone who is in motion is the person driving a vehicle having this app act like a nanny in these situations is obnoxious.